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Zoie’s Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

Rainy days use to mean cuddling up under a cover, binge watching Netflix & eating tons of snacks!  Well with a toddler rainy days’ mean staying inside with a wild child, which I’m convinced the rain has given even more energy! We’ve been having a lot of rainy days here in Pittsburgh and we are having to get creative!

One of the fun things we started doing “Zoie’s Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt”.  I took a piece of paper made 18 items Zoie had to find, put the paper inside of a picture frame and grabbed a washable marker.  We headed to the nearest store, which happens to be Walmart, she wandered through the store exploring and looking for the items on her checklist.  It took about an hour and a half.

She was so excited when she checked items off of her list!  Even more that she had the chance to roam around the store where she wanted to go, looking, touching and going at her own pace.

Once we finished she was allowed to pick one item from the store to purchase, she picked a box of minion band aids!  All the walking around wore her out, she made it to the car and passed out.

We’ve already have done this activity two more times at different stores, she absolutely loves it.  Also, with the washable $1 picture frame we can go as many times as we want!

Keep a look out for more rainy day activities we come up with.

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