Zoie’s 1st Easter

This year (2014) is Zoie-Lynne’s 1st Easter, spent Draper.  

Zoie started her day at 6am, when she decided to wake and see what the Easter Bunny brought her. She ate breakfast and played for a little while, then Daddy woke up and then Nana. We decided to all spend a little family time together. She started to get cranky and decided it was nap time.

She stayed down while I made breakfast, Chelsey & Dale came over to join us and she slept the whole way thru breakfast and then a little while after that. Finally she woke up and decided she was hungry. She then got in the car seat and we were off the the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

She did great the whole time. She started off enjoying the giant fish of South America, that she followed around. Then we looked at some bugs and frogs. She enjoyed the bright colors on the frogs. Then we were off to my favorite, PENGUINS!! She liked watching them swim and dive into the pool of water. We stayed their for a bit, then walked downstairs where she was able to see them from below. Then she decided she was done and went to sleep in her papoose. She then slept the whole way thru the rest of the aquarium.

We then left and the four of use were off for a LARGE, but yummy, lunch at McGrath’s Fish House. Where Zoie ate before we got our food and sat on my lap while I enjoyed my food.

Then we came home and she fell asleep in the car and then stayed napping for awhile and then got up. We took some pictures of her with her basket, from Hoop and Stitch, and all of us. Then she played for awhile, talking to her toys on her playmat and the fan. The she went for her bath and then ate some dinner. Then finally passing out.

All and all she had a very fun and successful 1st Easter. To see what she got in her 1st Easter Basket, click here. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.

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