World Teacher Day 2016 |

World Teacher Day

Happy World Teacher Day!  Teachers not only help us learn, they also help guide us & shape us to who we will become.

From pre-school to college, teachers play a key role in our lives.  In America teachers are greatly undervalued & underpaid. Teachers are something that we need, but yet most are not going into the field because they cannot make enough money to support themselves, ¼ of teachers have second jobs.

Not only are teachers undervalued & underpaid, a lot of teachers pay for their supplies for their classrooms.  From crayons, to paper even the tissues in the classroom.  A lot of school budgets have been cut from their supply needs to go other places.  A website called is helping teachers raise money to buy items for their classroom.  You can find a classroom in your area to help, by typing in your zip code.  Even if you don’t have anyone in your area in need of help, consider donating to another area.

We wanted to show our appreciation for Zoie’s teachers by making them a little gift bag with a nice thank you card.  Zoie’s teachers are not just teaching her how to count, learn her ABC’s, but they are also teaching her how to be a nice person, to share & much more.

So today, make sure you tell a teacher how much you appreciate them.  We’d also like to give a shoutout to our favorite English Teacher, Richard B. Knight who goes above & beyond for his students.

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