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Wish List for Kids Parties

If you’re going to throw a party for your child PLEASE make a gift list or wish list. You don’t even have to make one at the store; just a typed written piece of paper along with the invite is fine.

First off, if it’s for a child that I don’t even know how am I going to know what to buy them? How many parents have been invited to one of their child’s schoolmate’s birthday parties and have had NO CLUE what to buy the child?

Also, some kids grow at different rates. I’ve had friends with children who are two and wear 3T clothes because they are super tall! Why doesn’t anyone ever include sizes of clothes and shoes either with the invite or on the RSVP site? Not everyone remembers gifts receipts.

Why not just seriously make a gift registry or wish list? Just about every single store out there does gift registries and wish lists. At Target after the event is over you receive a coupon for items on your list and a coupon for a percent off your order of what wasn’t purchased. Toys R’ Us even gives the kid a special gift for their birthday with coupons for the parents. Amazon has a great wish list that alerts you when the price starts to drop on an item!  Also, these sites have online apps for your smart devices, you can add the item you search for or if you see it in the store scan the item with the app and add it to the list!

Of course some people are going to bypass the list altogether, but you can at least say you tried. But if you don’t have one and your kid gets 5 Nerf Guns or has nothing to open at their party because they gift card don’t complain.  Also, don’t complain when your child receives 2T clothes when they where 3T, because you couldn’t share that in your invite. Don’t be expecting a gift receipt either if you didn’t share what they wanted.

End Rant.

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