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Wiltshire Park

Pittsburgh has a lot of fun water areas for kids to play in, our favorite part most of them are FREE.  We found a new one in the Upper Saint Clair called Wiltshire ParkWilshire Park is a nice little park for families to go relax and let the kids run around.

The park has a roller hockey rink, a playground, splash pad & a sandbox!

The little splash pad is nice, there are three fountain squirts & a frog that squirts water.  The nice thing about the splash pad, when no one’s using it shuts off.  You just have to press the button to activate the water.

Connected to the splash pad is a big sandbox, full of toys!  Play in the sand box, wipe off and run around in the water.

Also, there is a covered pavilion with full restrooms.  Pack a lunch, play in the water and change in the restrooms before you go play at the park.

A very fun place to go after work or school to play for a little bit or on a weekend afternoon.  We are looking forward to going back.

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