What’s Going On?

Really, what has been going on with little Baby Krompholz lately? It has been forever since I’ve wrote anything about the little girl. But so much has been happening, with little time to write about it.

Since Zoie’s birthday party so much has happened (also, thank you to all who wished her a happy birthday, came to her party and/or sent gifts, greatly appreciated).

Zoie is now a member of the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum & National Aviary.  We’ve been frequent visitors, trying to explore as much as possible. Both places have tons to do for kids of any ages.  At the museum, we love the water area, splashing, walking under the rain and Zoie’s favorite is the water wall where she can splash and play.   The aviary is a lot of fun, my favorite is being able to get so close the the penguins and zoie loves watching them swim.

She also is doing more than one or two steps, she’s walking everywhere!!  Well not only walking, but she is also starting to run!!  It is great and crazy all at the same time.  You sit her down to play with toys and she is up running around!  No more sitting & eating snacks either, she’s walking around the house eating her Ella’s Kitchen Cookies (her new favorite snack).

That is another thing, mommy has decided to cave in and buy some snacks instead of making everything.  I still make yogurt and smoothie pouches, but some things like cookies and puff’s I started to buy. We really like the Ella’s Kitchen brand, they sell them at Whole Foods, affordable and organic, all winning items in our book.

Also, Zoie no longer takes a bottle!!  The big girl is using straw sippy cups or we just let her drink out of our cups with the straw.  Everything has lids still, we haven’t made it that far not to make a mess!! But we started using the Tommee Tippee sippy cups, they are really nice and insulated so it keeps her coconut water nice and cold!

Yesterday we received her new car seat!  First off I really wish I would have know about convertible car seats sooner.  I knew they existed, that you could have one from forward facing to booster seat.  I didn’t however know that there are ones that go from newborn to booster seat.  Because Zoie’s straps are too tight on her shoulders, so it was time to get a new car seat.  The only issue is children have to be rear facing until they are 2 years old, due to their necks not being fully developed and stopping abruptly at a stop sign or ending up in a car accident could be deadly due to their neck.  So we finally found a car seat that we can still use as a rear facing for the next year and then on to a booster seat until she is all done.  Thank you Evenflo!!  My only complaint, the straps are not nice to the skin, so  thankfully at the same time I ordered strap covers for her.

Still rocking the cloth diapers, she did get a new one for valentines day!  My favorite a blue with a black mustache, our first Moraki, thanks Happy Baby Company!!  My favorite part, Zoie has only ever been in disposables when in the nursery at the hospital and when she had her eye drained, so that was only 12 hours in disposables.  I feel really proud she’s been a cloth diaper baby!! Not only did we save a ton of money, but we helped save the environment and her tiny tush looked very cute the whole way.

Last couple things, she is now 20 pounds with 8 sharp teeth.  Still sleeping right thru the night, mostly on her tummy.  Loves bathtime and playing with all her bath toys.  Eating like a champ favorite food Mac & Cheese!! Still loving her coconut water, can’t keep that stuff in stock!!  We are still buying it by the cases, we started purchasing it on Amazon, so we could just have it shipped to the house.

She is doing really well and growing quickly!!  I will try and be better about keeping up with the posts soon.

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