What I’ve Learned As A Mom – Month One

There is seriously no instruction manual for a baby.

I’ve taken care of babies before, read tons of articles & books, talked to other moms, grandmothers, etc. But nothing prepares you for your own baby, you can take what you learn & try it, but your baby is like no other!!

The first thing I learned, you can try & do everything you feel is right and it will probably go horribly wrong & not anyway like you planned it. I planned my whole natural birth, I researched everything & typed a plan that I printed & gave to my OB. I did yoga, walked two miles a day, ate a Clean Eating diet, took my vitamins, didn’t use a microwave & only took medication when it was absolutely needed. I was come only healthy & great shape. With that being said, I ended up with pre-eclampsia, HELLP Syndrome & my stay at the hospital was a week. I don’t remember even giving birth. On top of that Zoie-Lynne needed to be on oxygen for two weeks, needed formula for a couple days, had a cyst in her nose she needed surgery on & needed sugar in an IV because her blood sugar was way to low. No matter how prepared you are & how much you plan things go wrong. As long as you have a back up & look on the bright side things get better. & as long as your baby are healthy everything’s okay.

Breastfeeding is stressful, it might be what’s best for your baby, but my god is it stressful. It’s something you & your baby have never done, you both learn together. Zoie-Lynne would suck forever, we found out she wasn’t latched right. Your boobies get really sore if you don’t feed or pump. The first couple times you do it it’s really awkward, but then it becomes second nature. Also, finding places with nursing areas is a serious pain. Buy a nursing cover!! Lots of places don’t have places to feed babies, so I’ve feed her under a cover in the car so many times already, thankfully I bought a cover!! Also, see a lactation consultant!! We seen one at the hospital, I seriously don’t remember half of what she said. I went to one after the hospital, she was so much help!! Also, keep a journal of what you eat. It takes 2-6 hours for what you eat to go to the baby, something’s give them gas, bad poos & make them fussy. So keep track!! Breastfeeding burns so many calories, you are always hungry & thirsty, keep snacks in your diaper bag!! & most importantly remember what you eat is what your baby eats!!

Good luck with a full 8 hours of sleep. Zoie-Lynne is a month old, we sleep in 3-5 hour blocks, depending on how she feels. She wakes up hungry or with a wet diaper & then goes back to sleep. We’ve had two instances where she decided to keep us up for 5 hours in the nice early morning. The best advice I received, sleep when they sleep!! I know for us we’ve been lucky she sleeps all the time, if your baby doesn’t I’m really sorry. Coffee will be your best friend, unless your breastfeeding.

But Swaddle Me’s, SERIOUSLY!! We we’re given a stack of them at out baby shower, seriously the best gift!! I never would have thought to buy them. I am horrible at swaddling & at 3am trying to Swaddle a baby while your half asleep is not fun.

Buy food before you go to the hospital. Zoie-Lynne is a month old & I still haven’t cooked anything. Thankfully James had cooked & we bought cereal, snacks & frozen foods from Whole Foods. I’m still to lazy to pour a bowl of cereal so I eat Clif Bars, fruits & veggies. & breastfeeding makes you hungry all the time, so buy a lot of food.

Invest in a reusable water bottle. We have two Britta water bottles, they are amazing. Along with being hungry all the time I’m always thirsty. Just about everywhere has a water fountain, I just refill my bottle everywhere & it has a filter so I’m fine.

You will end up doing extra loads of laundry!! She wears her day outfit & pjs, that’s it. But she’ll pee on something or spit up after we take her bib off, so she goes thru extra clothes. On top of that she’s tiny & I thought she was going to be bigger, so she doesn’t have many clothes at this size. So I end up washing so many loads of laundry so she has clean clothes. Buy kimonos!! Seriously have you tried putting onsises & shirts on a newborn?!?! She’s one all the time, they are so nice!!

If you are a mom, good luck putting your baby down. They can smell you & know when you put them down!! Even when they are sleeping!! I feed Zoie-Lynne & she was asleep, I made it 5 steps from her & she started screaming. I’ve already learned how to do things one handed. Like write this whole blog post.

Invest in a papoose!! I purchased one for $17 on Amazon (click here) & then bought the infant insert, such a lifesaver. Lugging a car seat around everywhere is a serious pain & it is heavy!! Papooses free up your hands & babies don’t cry their eyes out because you are right there!! & I seriously hate strollers!! Also, have you been to a mall, the stores aren’t that big & strollers are huge!! I always hate moms who knock things down with their strollers, then don’t pick the stuff up. Or they like to leave their strollers in the middle and you can’t get around, then they think your rude if you say excuse me can I get around. Invest in a papoose or baby sling.

Pacifiers, MY GOD!! If I would have known their power I would have bought twenty before hand!! We spent 5 hours trying everything under the sun to get her back to sleep at 2am. To find out around 5 am she just wanted something to suck on!! I read an article that just breastfeeding alone doesn’t satisfy their sucking need. We also found that just like adults only certain brands will do. Zoie-Lynne doesn’t like Nuk or Soothies pacifiers, but MAM pacifiers. Luckily I bought none beforehand, we were given free samples & found out the ones she liked, then bought more.

Cloth Diapers & wipes for me I’d recommend them!! Read why we used them by clicking here.

Pictures, take tons of them!! I love having an iPhone, I take tons of pictures all the time & then post then here!! They make cute faces at 4am that you probably won’t remember, but take a pictures to remember. Also, I’ve found everyone loves baby pictures. People will ask you for pictures, which I didn’t think people would do. I share some on Facebook, but remember not everyone wants to be bombarded with 20 of the same picture of your child. Share in moderation on social media.

Invest in Amazon Prime!!  First off you get free shipping, so that saves you a lot of money.  Secondly, you will save a ton of money if you just buy items off Amazon, especially on big purchases.  The crib we wanted was $200 cheaper on Amazon and it was shipped to our house.  No mess with fitting it in the car.  Thirdly, diapers, wipes and all other baby things are 20% off and are also sent to your house.  They always run sales on items too, so you can stock up when they go on sale.  Also, it’s less time you have to spend at a store.  Also, all the money you save, just saying.

Lastly humans, be prepared for them!! Everyone’s going to stare at your baby, want to hold them & breath on them. Even complete strangers at stores!! They will also given you unwanted advice!!! Advice that isn’t safe and/or is outdated!! Do your own research & do what you feel is right. Just nod at them & walk away.

Another thing, everyone tells you your baby is cute. People tell us she’s cute before they even look at her. They do it to make you feel better. Zoie-Lynne had the oddest shaped head & to me she looked like a dried prune alien the first couple days. Everyone says you think your own baby is cute, no she was weird looking the first couple days & her head is still oddly shaped head, she looks more like a human & looking cute.

I’m sure I’ve learned more, but that’s the major things. I’m sure I’ll learn much more from her, she’s pretty amazing.

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