Week Doctor Visit 1

Today we started our first week of every week visits with Dr. Tanner.

I weight 149, my blood pressure (I can’t remember the number) is a tiny bit high, but nothing to worry about. I’m measuring at 36 weeks.

He checked Zoie-Lynne & she had a 160 BPM. Pretty good & she was very kicky!!

I had the swab done to check for infection & make sure everything is normal. He checked me out and I’m 2cm and everything is normal.

He said I might go a little early, but nothing to be worried about. She does need to stay in one more week at least for her lungs. No worries, she will come when she wants to. As long as she is healthy & she comes when she is ready I’m okay with whenever she comes.

Also, he said that my shortness of breath and dizziness is normal. With everything shifting and pushing on everything it’s natural, just shift positions and I’ll be fine.

So everything is A’Okay & we have another appointment next Monday at 4:15pm. Fingers crossed she stays in this week & everything goes okay.

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