Very Blah

For the past couple days I’ve been battling feeling miserable. Sinus pressure, sore ears, stuffy nose and achey all over.

Today I woke up feeling pretty horrible, I thought maybe getting a nice hot shower would help, but no. It was a day to lay in bed under the covers. You can’t take decongestants while pregnant, so it’s just one of things you have to find a natural remedy for or just suck it up.

I had some black tea with some fresh ginger that James had made me, the vapors started clearing up my nose so that was a little nicer. I also took some nasal spray to help with the runny nose and congestion and again tonight, but it doesn’t last that long, but it does help from it being very sore. I also had a huge helping of chicken broth, which made my tummy feel better and the vapors released some of the pressure in my head also. I also drank some water and a whole litter of orange juice today, so I still got my vitamins and stayed hydrated. Zoie-Lynne’s favorite drink, orange juice, we go thru so much of it.

I also keep napping and staying under the covers. I’m not running a fever, just cold and very tired. I’m pretty sure that I will be in bed early tonight and my hope is that I’ll feel better and well rested by tomorrow. One more shower and then a nice cup of tea and I’ll be turning in for the night.

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