Urology Apt

After my ER visit on Thursday I had an apt to see a urologist.

First I gained more weight, I am now 140 lbs, most I’ve ever weighed. So whooooot there.

The doctor came in, reviewed my chart. He said to relieve pain they would have to take me into surgery & stick a tube into my kidney & it would drain out. I’ll have to keep the tub in until Zoie-Lynne decides to come out. I will have to have the tub switched out at least once or twice.

Because I am into my third trimester I cannot have a stent put in. If I would have had this issue four or five weeks ago I could have had the stent.

I will go in tomorrow to the maternity ward at Intermountain Medical Center, Zoie-Lynne & I will have a stress test done. Then off to get the tub!!

The next day I will have a follow up apt with Dr. Corbin at 3:30pm.

Looking on the bright side, I don’t need a new kidney!! Wish me luck 😀

One thought on “Urology Apt”

  1. Grumpa & Nana says:

    No luck needed. Your doctors appear to be very competent. We love you.

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