I heard back from Dr. Parks & Dr. Petersons offices.Dr. Parks office said that they would be willing to see her tomorrow afternoon if needed, I told them I would wait to see what Dr. Petersons office said.  I just spoke to Dr. Petersons office & he said it might be an infection.  We had leftover drops from her other eye swelling so we are to use those.  If the eye is worse tomorrow or she is not getting better call and we can go in to see him.

She has been on/off napping, but she has been up being fussy for the past two hours.  Her diarrhea has slowed down and she is still eating, so that is very good.  She hasn’t coughed a lot today, just a couple times here and there.  Also, her nose is getting a little more runny and man the weird boogers you pull out of a kids nose, let me tell you.  She’s sitting right next to me and she sneezes, there is a little bit of a booger hanging out, I go to grab it with a tissue, my god that thing was about 3 inches long!!  So nasty!!

My plan is to take a hot shower and put her in the bathroom with me to get some steam to help with her nose.

We will see how she is tomorrow, as of now she’s just very fussy.

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