Upcycle Pack N' Play

Upcycle Pack N’ Play

The only thing we’ve been using the Pack N’ Play the past couple months for is storage and the changing table.  It was taking up so much space just for that, so I needed to come up with something.  I turned to Pinterest and found something to do with it, make it into a play tent.

It was really simple and took about 10 minutes, would have taken a lot less time if some little girl didn’t try to keep stealing my scissors.



  1. Using the scissors cut one of the large sides off the Pack N’ Play
  2. Discard the mesh and put scissors away
  3. Place Pack N’ Play, with the uncut side up against a wall
  4. Place sheet on top of the Pack N’ Play
  5. Crawl into the Pack N’ Play, find the center of the sheet, push up and place tack against the wall (this creates the tent look)

See simple and easy!  We put the Pack N’ Play sheets on, just incase she spills anything, a pillow, blanket and some stuffed animals inside.  She absolutely loves it in there, as you can see from the pictures below.

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