I feel like there comes a time in pregnancy where you look at your belly & you say to your baby “I love you I really do, but we need to part ways”.

For me I’m seriously getting there!!!

Sitting is just completely uncomfortable!! Between a baby who’s being squished so she’s kicking me, constant pressure/punching feeling in my girl parts & an awkward hemorrhoid. Then for some reason two days ago my incision for my Nephrostomy tub has been hurting & is itchy. Then if I sit longer then an hour or two my legs get all weird feeling & they start hurting. So I have to awkwardly move the around while at work. Then today at work I just got so lightheaded, dizzy & my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. As soon as I was up walking around I was fine.

If I’m up moving around I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out. Walking or sitting on my exercise ball moving around I feel so much better. It doesn’t help the weird back pain. But it relieves some of the pressure on the girl parts. Just after awhile of walking or standing my feet just don’t feel it anymore.

Laying down isn’t much better then sitting. I get really short of breath & my chest starts hurting. I’ve tried laying on my left side, head propped up & at an incline on my back.

I only have a couple more weeks though, I’m looking on the bright side. I get an amazing little girl & I get this bag out of me!!

At least when I’m being sleep deprived it will because Zoie-Lynne is here & wants attention. Then at least I’ll get to see her, hold her or give her to James. Not being punched in the girl parts having to pee every ten seconds & can’t find a comfy position to sleep in.

She’s going to be worth it!! We are super lucky to have her.

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