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Every kid goes through a phase where they are just obsessed with something, especially a type of clothing.  Some kids it’s; Halloween costumes, princess dresses, but Zoie she likes Tutu’s and Star Wars shirts.

Yes, you read that correct, Zoie loves Tutu’s and Star Wars shirts.  Her favorite outfit her Kylo-Ren shirt and her heart TuTu.  Her reasoning, she gets to “I let it go and Kylo-Ren”.  She gets to be her two favorite people Elsa & Kylo-Ren.

We’ve been purchasing Tutus at the consignment stores for between $1-5.  We’ve even found a couple Tutus at Target for $1 and even 50¢!! Most, days we can get away without a Star Wars shirt. We’ve been purchasing them when we can find them at stores, even buying the next size up!

If anyone finds a Star Wars Kylo-Ren Tutu or Elsa Tutu that would be great!  Please email it my way!

It’s a pretty fun phase if you ask me.  Tutus are pretty adorable and she balances it with her Star Wars love.

Enjoy some adorable photos of Zoie in tutus!

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