TuTu & BowTie Party

The 6 month TuTu & BowTie party was a success, thank you to those who showed up.

Daddy James wore a nice BowTie, Mommy Tiff wore a bight Tutu & Zoie had a nice TuTu (Judith & Allie purchased her) with a nice BowTie suspenders shirt her MeeMee & PopPop got her.

The house was decorated with pictures of Zoie from the past 6 months, pink & blue balloons and streamers.  We had a table with Play-Doh favors, little slips of paper for Zoie’s time capsule (if you have not filled that out please do so, click here) & a photo matt with a picture of Zoie when she was first born to sign.

We had red velvet & white cupcakes with pink ruffle frosting.  Chips, pretzels, fruit kabobs, pink & blue gum balls & jelly beans.  Then we had hot dogs on a hot dog roller.  We also had some yummy Angry Orchard and Budweiser.

All and all the party was pretty good!!

Thanks so much for my parents who brought the tables & hot dog roller.  Tessa & John for coming and hanging out.  Also, a huge thank you to Sean, Sara & Summer who drove from York & sat in traffic to come see us, we really appreciated it.

Also, Zoie received some really nice presents.  Tessa & John give her a panda WubbaNuba, pretty excited for that.  Sean, Sara & Summer purchased her clothes, teethers & a very cute elephant who plays a lullaby and vibrates.  I’ll be posting pictures later.

Again, thanks again to everyone who came & helped with the party.


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