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Travel Potty

Potty training is tough work, we were pretty lucky to have a kid who really worked with us and didn’t take too long to get the hang of going to the bathroom!  One of the most amazing inventions that made the whole process better, a travel potty!

We wanted something that was portable, compact & could fit in the trunk of our Jetta.   We also didn’t want something she’d feel comfortable using.

The first travel potty we used, well that was a complete disaster.  We purchased the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus, just horrible!  She sat on the potty and the legs started to give out!  It was cheap and  uncomfortable for her.

We did a little bit more research and found the OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel, best to-go potty!  First I love that it fits over a regular toilet seat, for a little while Zoie was having a little bit of trouble sitting on the seat.  She was a little two small and kept sinking in!  So this was great to have to fit over the potty in stores.  Also, it holds her weight, it didn’t bend or give out on her.  Another thing I really liked about the potty, is that it folds up and fits right into the trunk!

The potty is used all the time, lots of parks don’t have bathrooms!  Which I find very weird, a place for little children do not have bathrooms?  Also, there has been times when we’re on a road trip and there aren’t any bathrooms around, we just pull over and she uses it in-between the two doors.  Also, another nice thing is the two little holders on each leg.  If she has to do a number two, you just plop a grocery bag in the center, put the grocery bag handles in the little holders and it stays in place.  Pull up the bag tie it and throw it away at your next destination.

The travel potty did come with a bag, but it wasn’t very durable and only had drawstrings.  We purchased a Planet Wise medium wet bag to put the potty in.  It conveniently fits and we have a smaller wet bag inside for clean and dirty reusable wipes (About Family Cloth).

Don’t worry we do clean the potty, we use our DIY Disinfecting Spray with wipes to clean it off and we do bring the potty in to clean it off of splatter.

Good luck with your potty training journey!

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