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Toddler Smelly Foot Spray

Zoie has really sweaty feet, causing her feet to smell & her shoes.  We’ve tried multiple items, nothing has worked! 

Finally, we tried Lumi Outdoors – Natural Shoe Spray and Foot Odor Deodorizer.  A product made with no chemicals, doesn’t make the smell worse, her feet itchy and no harsh smells.

She’s a very active kid, runs a lot and sweats like a grown man.  No matter what we have done, using powder, charcoal inserts, washing her shoes, nothing has worked!

The Lumi Outdoors – Natural Shoe Spray and Foot Odor Deodorizer has worked great!  Instead of a harsh chemical spray like most, this one smells like a mix of mint & clover.

Before we go to the park on a hot day I spray her feet once, and no issues.  She doesn’t cry and she giggles because it’s a little cold.  If we’re at the park for a while and we haven’t sprayed them in a while I do spray them again, just to keep the odor away.

I’ve even used them on my shoes.  I’m really bad at walking through puddles, dirt, well just about everything.  My shoes end up smelling like wet dogs!  This spray has worked great getting the odor out.

I’d recommend using this for active kids, athletes or just people who just walk through water.

One thought on “Toddler Smelly Foot Spray”

  1. Nana says:

    Try wearing socks to absorb the sweat and ultimately the odor. It helps my feet.

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