Time Sure Flys By

That’s an expression parents hear all the time!! It is kind of annoying, but at the same time very true.

It seriously feels like yesterday we were spending our first week with Zoie at home and we had no clue what we were doing.

It’s nine months later, we have a crawling, teething baby who still sleep thru the night, but we still don’t know what we are doing.

No one really prepares you for a kid, then again every child is different so there really is no preparation. They don’t tell you your child’s going to stick their finger up your nose to walk you up (that happen to me this past Sunday) or they are going to bite you in the nose and think it’s the funniest thing ever as you’re bleeding everywhere (happened to me Saturday night).

But the real thing no one ever prepares you for, how awesome your child is going to be and how you’ll love spending time with them.

If you would have told me two or three years ago I’d be looking forward to Saturday shopping with Zoie instead of a night out on the town I’d call you a liar!

I look forward to evenings at home and weekends with her. Grocery shopping is seriously my favorite activity with her. She is so curious to what’s around, the people she interacts with and it’s always great to see her expression to new food samples.

She’s such an interesting human, who has grown already in 9 SHORT months! Her personality & interests are developing, she lets you know she likes and definitely dislikes something. She try’s to talk, but can’t get it just yet, but I feel as soon as she can she’ll definitely let you know what’s on her mind! I’m definitely lucky to be her mom.

There are only so many hours & weekends in your child’s life before they are a teenager or go off to college. You have to seriously make them count, before you blink and they are no longer home. Because, like everyone says Time Sure Flys By.

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