Things I Wish I Would Have Know Before Becoming A Mom

I’ve officially been Zoie’s mom for 19 months & by no means do even know what I’m doing! It is seriously a touch and go, day by day life with her. But, something’s I wish I would have know before becoming a mom 

  1. You will clean your house everyday & everyday there will be another mess, something will break and toys will be everywhere. Every night before I go to bed I vacuum the downstairs, sweep & mop the kitchen floors, clean all the surfaces in the kitchen and put all the toys away. The following night it’s the same thing and the cycle goes on and on. Lunch containers need washed, dinner dishes need washed and all of the toys Zoie sneezed on or put in her mouth need washed. Someone tracked mud in from the back yard, someone peed on the floor and someone smashed crackers in the carpet. It’s on ongoing process of cleaning up. 
  2. Don’t buy expensive clothes or shoes. Rule one in our house, unless it’s 55-80% off no one gets clothes or shoes. Unless they are gifted to use or it’s an absolute necessity. Zoie has clothes she has never even worn because she grows way to quick! Not only that I purchased a nice cream colored shirt to take pictures of her in, that never happen! She had it on two seconds and managed to find the mouth wash in the bathroom that didn’t have a lid on it and stained her whole shirt! A brand new pair of jeans at the park now have a hole in the butt because she wanted to slide down the dirt. Save money buy on clearance! Use coupons or cartwheel! 
  3. No matter what you you buy, they’ll hate it unless it’s at another persons house then they love it. We bought Zoie new toys that she showed interest in at other children’s houses, daycare and The Children’s Musume, absolutely no interest. Baskets of toys people have purchased her along with us and she likes playing with an old computer mouse, spray bottle, a bouncy ball & platic cups! 
  4. Dinner is no where near as good as snacks. Zoie absolutely loves to eat, but between dinner & a snack she’ll choose the snack. I’m not saying unhealthy snacks like chocolate or chips or sugar, but set hummus and sliced peppers and this kid will eat that all day instead of dinner. String cheese, sliced fruit, applesauce & cheese crackers over anything else anyday. Oh and I’ve learned that you always have to have snacks in the diaper bag & extras in the backup containers in the trunk! You can’t be anywhere without a snack! 
  5. No matter how prepared you think you are, you are not! I always think I’m prepared for everything, but somehow I’m seriously always missing something! 
    • In our diaper bag we keep 3 changes of clothes, a pair of socks, 4 diapers, pack of face wipes, pack of pacifier wipes, 3 bibs, two sets of children’s utensils, 1 reusable placemat, 5 binkys, 4 mini wet bags, 1 roll of dirty diaper  bags, 1 bouncy ball, 1 hat (for whatever season), 4 snacks, 1 full sippy cup of water, 1 bag of napkins & a small container of coconut oil
    • In our trunk we have two medium storage bins full of; 3 sets of clothes, 2 pairs of socks, 4 bibs, swimsuit, lifejacket,  pair of shoes, a hoodie, XL container of Clorox wipes, trash bag, emergency clothes for James & I, emergency kit, two baby carriers, 10 extra diapers, 1 bag of wipes, 1 reusable placemat, a large & small towl, 2 iPhone/iPad chargers, 1 hat, extra sippy cup & paper towels. Then one small bin full of snacks and juice boxes! Oh and a handheld rechargeable vacuume!

    Somehow we STILL forget something!

  6. You’ll watch the so many cartoons, know the theme songs to everyone too!  I spend a lot of my evening listening to Bubble Guppies, Little Charmers & Octonauts! I’m not going to lie I have learned a lot, but that’s the only tv I watch. So when everyone’s raving about a new TV show, I can sing you the newest Bubble Guppies song or tell you what Captian Barnacles just found on their latest adventure. 
  7. You’re kid is going to break things, get into everything you don’t want them to and make complete messes. We have locks on all of the cabinets & everything we don’t want broken is usually put away. But sometimes you forgot to lock a cabinet or your 16 month old learns how to open them & you have cereal everywhere. Then your significant other forgets to put his Xbox controller away she eats the joysticks!
  8. An adventure out of the house is just that, an adventure! Have you tried taking a super hyper toddler out in public?! It usually ends in a disaster with in the end thinking “why, why did I think this was a good idea???”  Like a super simple 10 minute Target trip that ended in two hours, three outfits later and having to purchase an outfit, trying to jump out of the cart then laying on the floor crying while everyone stares at you. Oh and multiple products opened thru the store to keep your child quiet! So in the end you don’t get anything you need, but end up spending $40 and want to go home and just pour yourself a glass of wine and cry yourself to sleep
  9. Your family photos will never be Pinterest worthy! We’ve scheduled and paid for multiple photoshoots, in the end hundreds are taken and two you can actually use because your child cries most of the time and will not at all under any circumstances cooperate with you. 
  10. You swear when your pregnant you’ll do everything by the book, you’ll be best Mom’s who doesn’t scream at your child and you’ll even make all your child’s baby food. No one is seriously perfect! I laid out this master plan for Zoie, she was going to be this perfect child who potty trained by 18 months, I was going to breastfeed longer than a year, I was going to make all of her food, after that only organic could speak early & was going to be amazing child!!  Every single part of my plan fell thru, I thought I was going to be different than all of those other moms who’s plans also fell thru. No, no kids are exhausting, time is short, money is tight, kids want to be kids & expectations are set way to high! Kids just do their own thing! Zoie walked late, she was 12 months, we just now made it to two words, she sits next to the potty to go to the bathroom in her training pants then sits on the potty. Kids just do things on their own time! I wanted so bad to make all of Zoies baby food! I made 90% of it, but I got lazy! She ate jar applesauce, containers of puffs & now eats boxed pasta and cereal. I seriously started running out of time! Working 40 hours a week, a part time job and blogging catches up to you! 
  11. You’ll never get alone time! When you’re home someone needs something, someone’s hungry, a diaper needs changed, laundry has piled up and no one has socks, & your child spilled stuff all of them so to save time you shower together. I enjoy my T ride and going to work! If that makes me a horrible person so be it, because at the end of the day I look forward to the craziness I come home to!
  12. Your child will only be this small for so long & there are on 940 Saturday’s between the day your child is born & them turning 18! No matter how many messes I have to clean up, no matter how many nasty diapers, temper tantrums I have to deal with I won’t remember them next week. These 19 months have gone by so fast, the memories I have with with Zoie are not the bad ones. They are the ones where she gives me kisses after a long day, hugs when she wakes up, her first experience at the zoo, the week we spent just the two of us & that every night she sleeps right next to me cuddled up. In the end it’s absolutely worth every single second I do get to spend with her. 

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