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Thank You Cards

Yes, I’m old fashion, I really think you should write handwritten thank you cards.  For when someone does something nice for you and especially when someone gives you gifts.

It takes not even 5 minutes to write a little thank you note and send it in the mail.  Every time Zoie receives a gift, no matter the size, we send a thank you card.  Even events, when we have one we say thank you for them attending.  They took the time out of their busy day to spend time with you at your event, so that warrants a thank you card.

I’m a big believer of the internet, and electronics, I do like sending thank you amazon gift cards.  But, I still write a nice note thanking them, I don’t just leave it empty.

I feel like thank you’s are just becoming a dying thing, it makes me really sad.  But, until the day I die Zoie will be writing a thank you card!

PS Thank You cards for Zoie’s party will be going out on the 19th, I want to send an update of the Birthday Toy Drive with them.  So don’t worry I didn’t forget.  Don’t forget there is still time to donate a toy.

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