Swimmy Swimmy

Today Zoie and I went to the Upper St. Clair Recreation center to play in the indoor water area!

The place had a lazy river, two water slides, a little beach area with gushers, lap pool and a hot tub!

Zoie was in the little beach area crawling around, kept trying to crawl to deep to swim. I’d hold her to walk around or put her on her belly, she’d just kick along! I was to slow she kept kicking out of my hands. We ended up having to get her a life vest.

We then played with Miss. Kari and her girls! Zoie absolutely loves them! They would play in the lazy river. In one section it’s like it is raining and Zoie would close her eyes and open her mouth!

She just absolutely loves the water. We definitely will be going back for her to splash some more.

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