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Swim Time

One of Zoie’s favorite thing to do, play in water especially if it’s swimming!

We enjoyed two days worth of swimming this weekend and will be going to swim again this Friday!

We purchased her a new lifevest, her other one went MIA. The first one we bought, Speedo Begin to Swim Classic Swim Vest really isn’t meant for smaller children. This is really meant for kids who can swim, but the water is to deep for them. Every time Zoie was in the water it kept coming up over her head and she couldn’t swim.

The second life vest we purchased was the Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim Float Coach, she absolutely loves it.  It was easy to get on, easy to adjust to fit snug to her and she could play comfortably in the water without the vest coming over her head.  I would throw her up the air and she’d splash down and would giggle.  She even learned to hold her nose so we could go under!  She also loved going into the deep end, holding on to the wall and kicking away.  She was all smiles both days.

I didn’t get any pictures of her playing in the big pool, but a couple of her in the baby pool.  I needed a swim break and she wanted to continue to play.

Saturday she wore herself out, she started falling asleep while I was getting her dressed.  When I did get her in the car, she didn’t even stay awake for us long enough for me to buckle the car seat.

If you are looking for a fun place to swim with your kids, check out Avonworth Pool.  Just a heads up though they do not take card, only cash.  Don’t forget to also try their delicious funnel cake!

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