Super Heartburn

This third trimester they seriously were not kidding when they said heartburn would be bad.

I’ve suffered from heartburn issues since I could remember, but I’ve always been on medication. But with becoming pregnant I stopped all medication, for the safety of Zoie-Lynne. Only taking medication when absolutely necessary.

I had heartburn this whole time, but tolerable. I’ve used the natural cures, ginger, apple cider vinegar with water, lemon juice with water, water, milk, crackers & they worked. All the way up until these past couple weeks.

I’ve stopped eating & drinking anywhere from an hour to two hours before bed time, no big meals, I sleep sitting up or at an angle, stopped eating & drink citrus (which was hard). Nothing seems to help, I’m always woken up by heartburn, it keeps me up at night & my chest hurts all day. No matter what I do I just can’t shake this heartburn.

Tonight I finally resorted to eating chewable rolaids, which I feel so bad about. So many chemicals & unnecessary junk for Zoie-Lynne. I also drank some lemon water, which is to help with PH levels balancing out. So let’s hope the two work or this is going to be a long pregnancy with super heartburn.

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