Sugar Scrub

Ever since I’ve found out about sugar scrub from Pinterest I’ve loved using it on my hands, feet & legs. Not only for the soft skin, but for the nice smell.

My tummy has been so dry & flaky. Which makes it so itchy & all I want to do is continually scratch it. I put cocoa butter on in the morning after after a shower & at night. Thru the day I put more lotion on, just to try not and scratch. The nurse at Dr. Tanner’s office told me not to scratch, because that also causes stretch marks. Which I’m super hard to avoid!!

Tonight I was making peppermint sugar scrub for gifts for Christmas & I’m like I’ve used this everywhere else and it’s worked for my dry skin, why not my tummy?? So I decided to use some & it feels so much nicer. I don’t feel the need to scratch so much!! We will see how it goes thru the night, I always find myself waking up rubbing my itchy tummy, trying not to scratch. Also, my belly smells nice too from the nice peppermint.

For the Peppermint Sugar Scrub recipe I used click here.

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