We have a little one who is all about pulling herself up on anything & her new thing STEPS.

For the past couple weeks she has been pulling herself up to stand with the help of the coffee table or couch.  Then she’ll walk sideways to get to the other side, or she’ll hold onto the couch with one hand and grab onto the coffee table to move from one area of the living room to the other.

She’s doing very well, even if you hold her hands she’ll take a step or two, she doesn’t really have the muscle strength just yet.

But Sunday the little booger decided that she was going to crawl up the steps, not just one or two steps all of them!!  She’s like I’m not doing a couple I’m going to conquer these steps.  She sure did!!

So James put the gate up, but we have these weird steps, the first step is bigger than the rest and isn’t up against the wall, it wraps around.  The second step has the end of the railing, so the gate had to go on the third step.  So she climbs up the first two and holds onto the gate and then lets go.  Such a daredevil.

She surely is growing, a little to fast.  Just one month she’ll be ONE!!  I can’t believe it.

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