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Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim Float Coach

Water, something kids absolutely love!  Zoie should have been a fish; she loves being in the water.  She’s a pretty good swimmer, she knows how to doggy paddle, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

Last summer we were very interested in taking her to the pool, I wanted something that wouldn’t restrict her as she swam.  I felt Puddle Jumpers restricted her arms and she couldn’t really swim.  Actual life jackets just kept rising up when she was in the water, so she couldn’t actually learn to swim.

Finally, I came across the Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim Float Coach!  Such a lifesaver, literally.  We loosen the sides and the arms, slip it over her head and buckle at the bottom!  Super simple to get on and off, but great to save lives.

She learned how to doggy paddle, and swim on her tummy.  It doesn’t restrict her arms or legs, so she can move easily around the water.   The Swim Float Coach has been really nice with having the little pool in the back yard also!

She knows she cannot go into the water without the device, she’ll ask us to put it on.  She has been very good about that, let’s hope she continues to be that way.

Just remember, life jackets are not 100%!  Teach your child not to rely on a life preserver and/or arm floaties.  Teaching them to swim is the number one way to save a life.

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