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South Park Animal Preserve

Pittsburgh has some great hidden gems, especially FREE things!  We live close to South Park Pennsylvania, so one of our favorite things to do in the evening or weekend is visit the South Park Animal Preserve.

Zoie could spend hours watching the animals, walking around and feeding them.  One afternoon we spent about 2 hours, just watching and she’d talk to the animals as she feed them.

They have a lot of fun animals: geese, ducks, turtles, fish, wild turkey, sometimes deer, a peacock and our favorite buffalo.  The best time to go is early in the morning around 7am or later in the evening around 6pm, you’ll have a great chance of seeing the buffalo down closer to the other animals.  If not, you can always walk up the path to the top and look down at them.

Don’t forget the snacks for the animals, remember you shouldn’t feed ducks and geese processed breads, cereals or anything else not naturally found in the wild.  Some of our favorite snacks to feed them: cracked corn, blueberries and oats.  For a full list of healthy foods to feed the animals click here.

Also, recommendations:

  • Wear closed toe shoes, no flip flops
  • Take hand sanitizer
  • Bring a camera and/or make sure your phone is charged & has storage
  • Go to the bathroom before you get there, only a porta potty
  • Don’t wear really nice clothes, sometimes birds fly overhead….

Please keep in mind the preserve runs off of donations, to maintain feed, water and make sure the animals are healthy.  Consider making a small donation today to help keep the preserve around.  Donations can be made at

We hope you have a chance to visit and enjoy the preserve as much as we do.


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