Sore Sinuses

With the sudden 60 to 15 degree change & the continues irritation of weird perfumes people wear at work my sinuses decided to let start draining.

My sinuses are very sensitive to smells, so perfumes make them irritated & cause me to sneeze. Being pregnant you are also more susceptible to sinus infections.

Also, after 30 weeks your immune system goes down for you & heightens to protect your baby from any kind of infections. So I’m also very cautious at work, I wipe my stuff down at work with Clorox wipes, hand sanitize when I sneeze & others sneeze. Also, I’ve been trying to keep my face protected in my jacket, since it’s very common for people not to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. I also heightened my vitamin c intake. So far all good on taking care of not getting a cold or the flu.

Last night I decided to up my intake of vitamin c. Sat in a tub (only up to my waist since my nephrostomy bag) of nice hot water. The steam really help make me feel better & with a bathroom full of it I felt a little better. I then drank a nice glass of ginger, lemon grass tea with honey. Gave myself a nice sinus face massage. I did take an all natural sleep supplement to try & get a better nights sleep, completely fine while pregnant. Propped myself up to sleep. It didn’t work to well, I keep waking up every couple hours. But I did manage to get some sleep.

The plan now, another steamy shower. Continue with vitamin c, drink chicken broth, tea thru the day & hope we shake this sinus infection soon. I see a nice end in site.

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