Sore Large Boobies

As pregnancy goes on your breast get larger, ready to produce milk. Your nipples get darker & man do they start hurting.

It seems like everything irritates them!! Getting a shower, the water hurts them. Putting a shirt on it rubs them the wrong way, bras are weird feeling. Oh & you can’t not wear a bra it hurts your back, you feel weird & the blanket rubs on you.

Oh & then they leak weird things!! & they are so dry and flakey, no matter how much lotion you put on them your bra is full of dead skin.

Icky blog post I know, but I think I’ve found something to make them better. I started buying nursing pads, to stock up & get ready for when Zoie-Lynne comes. I bought organic washable 100% cotton nursing pads by TL CARE. I put them in my bra and they are so soft & comforting. They don’t bother them, it kinda just hugs them. I didn’t want to buy throw always & I wanted something that would be soft. These are amazing!! Also, they have 5 layers, so they are very absorbent when you start leaking milk. & all the weird dead skin and yellow leakage will be on the nursing pads, that can be washed, way more then a bra can be.

So I’m pretty sure I’ve found a nice fix for now.

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