Sore, Cracked Nipples

Yea, you read that right! I seriously didn’t think it was a real thing, all the horror stories were wrong!!

Zoie is much more mobile & aware of her surroundings. Especially when she is eating!!

Gone are the days when she’d just lay there, hold my hand and nurse. Now she hears a noise or sees something she turns her head, along with my nipple in her mouth!! Oh she’s uncomfortable or just wants to move, she continued to eat as she moves around!! It’s like “mom, I’m busy here & i’m hungry deal with it”!!

Along with that she now has a tooth with a second one coming in!! She’ll site there, bite me and then giggle, who does that!!

After talking to some other moms and some online research, once they start teething you just have to watch them, once they stop suckling and just are hanging out just take them off, because then they just want to play. So far it has worked, I’ve definitely learned my lesson!!

As for her moving, I have to make sure it’s quiet & nothings going on. If there is I just use the nursing cover & she’s fine. But thank goodness for My Breast Friend Nipple Cream!! Seriously helps & is completely fine for Zoie & I. I used it before I had her, my skin kept drying out and cracking. I had to call the lactation consultant, because you can’t use lotion of anything that smells, so she recommended this, great stuff.

My goal is to continue to nurse until she’s ready to be done, especially hoping to at least make it to the first year. Fingers crossed!

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