So Tired…

They aren’t kidding when they say your so tired your last couple months & you just want to lay around in your pjs.

Yesterday I archived a shower, getting dressed, then I made it to the couch where I took a two hour nap I was so exhausted. Then I sat on the couch where I kept nodding off & eventually took another 20 minute nap. We had to do errands at night, when I came home I showered & then barley made it to 10pm. Other then a couple pee breaks I slept thru the night. I seriously only achieved washing dishes, loading the dishwasher & making cocoa mix.

Today I’ve achieved backing up Zoie-Lynne website, a shower & lunch. I’ve napped twice, I’ve been up since 7:30am & it isn’t even 3 yet. I feel another nap coming on. My hope is a burst of energy so I can actually get chores done.

I’m enjoying all the naps & sleep time now before the high demand of princess Zoie-Lynne comes.

One thought on “So Tired…”

  1. Nana K says:

    Are you talking about James? LOL Seriously, you do not need to be so busy. Get James to help. You know men; they just need a little (ok, a lot) of direction and they can be turned into good workers. It just takes time to train them. HAHA

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