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Snapchat, another fun social media that is really taking off.  You’ve probably seen it around, people with fun crowns on their head, adding a puppy nose and ears or even seeing your friends face swap.  It’s a lot of fun and it’s one of Zoie’s new favorite activity to do with her dad & I.

Just a couple things!

No snapchat is not just for sexting!  Yes, your pictures/texts do disappear after a couple seconds.  If you add it to your story it disappears after 24 hours.

Just like any other social media, you have a friends list.  You add people, deny and block other users.  Also, just like every other social media you can set your profile private or public.  You send snaps directly to people, if we’re snapping and I send a snap to you, only you can see it.  If you screenshot my snap, I get a notification you screenshotted my snap.  Also, if someone has viewed your story you receive a notification with a list of viewers.

But, also remember just like anything on the internet, someone will find a way to use it for sex and other things.

Okay, so after that whole ordeal.  Zoie absolutely loves using snapchat!  She loves using the face filters, drawing pictures to send to her dad and her friends.  Also, since not many of our family and friends live around here we snap her whole weekend to my story!  So we have followers who just want to see what she’s doing on the weekend.  From her breakfast, to our adventures throughout the day to anywhere, to lunch and spending time with friends.

It’s also really nice, because photos take up a lot of space on my iPhone.  I’m able to snap the whole day, when I get home I download my snapchat story to my computer and just have them there.  It’s pretty great.

We’ll be going on vacation here in a couple days, so you’ll have to checkout our story to see what we’re up too.  Add me on snapchat @YourMomEatsMayo.

Enjoy some funny great snapchats from Zoie!



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