I’m officially now in snack mode, eating super small meals.

With the squishing of tummy I now longer can even eat a whole bowl of cereal or a whole sandwich in one sitting. I feel stuffed & feel like I’m going to explode. But then about an hour later I’m hungry again.

I’ve always eaten small meals, everyone always calls them bird meals. Now it’s like snail meals.

On top of that I seriously cannot stand the smell of cooked or cooking meat of the taste. I tried to eat a nugget, yea I couldn’t.

So to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins & calories I need I’ve been making sure I eat snacks every couple hours. Even when I’m not super hungry I try to at least eat something, like a handful of nuts or dried fruit.

Along with that not only drinking water, but drinking lots of natural juices to also get vitamins. So I am getting hydrated & packing in the vitamins.

All & all I think I’m getting everything I need, plus some. Which hopefully will mean Zoie-Lynne will be a healthy weight, full of vitamins & do well right after birth.

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