Sleepy Time

I think my favorite time with Zoie-Lynne is in the early morning right after she eats.

She wakes up around two am and then I’ll lay her in bed next to me & I like to just watch.

She’ll lay there all swaddled & she’ll close her eyes. But then she’ll slightly open them again. Then smirk at me while I watch her sleep.

She’ll hear daddy snore & jerk awake, wide eyed. But then her eyes will slowly shut.

She’ll randomly fidget & then calm down, still slightly opening & closing her eyes struggling to stay awake.

Then randomly she’ll just giving big smiles. She slowly starts drifting off to sleep & you’ll hear these cute little baby snores & she’s out.

She then coos & smiles in her sleep & I drift off watching her.

No matter how many times I watch her sleep, it hasn’t gotten old and it amazes me every time.

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