I made it to the third trimester, where apparently sleep has just disappeared.

It’s not like the first couple moths where you sleep all the time & anywhere you can. No now it’s more of trying to count sheep to get to sleep.

Either you wake up with heartburn & you have to readjust yourself with pillows. Your nice baby, Zoie-Lynne, decides to move around & kick you, so with the sudden kick you wake up startled. Oh & since that adorable little creature decided to take up your abdomen everything has been rearranged to make room. So your stomach is smashed in one area & your not hungry much anymore, but it seems like you wake up at 2am always needing a snack. Those lungs, yea you don’t need them, they don’t need to open! You wake up gasping for air, because your lungs are smashed & a baby just kicked a lung. So one hour of sleep your comfy in one position the next you feel like dying.

Then you have one side to sleep on, your left. If your like me you have no option of a right, there’s a nice tub sticking out my bag, so left side only. Which starts to hurt after awhile, my hip and shoulder feel crushed. I end up getting up & sitting thru the night, propping up with pillows to sleep to get a new nicer position.

Oh don’t forget your nicely crushed bladder. Luckily for me I’ve stopped drinking anything two hours before sleep time (recommended by What to a Expect When Expecting). Also, my nice urine bag takes care of that, so usually I don’t have to pee, but sometimes I wake up & I feel like I almost peed myself.

But after a little bit you go to the bathroom, get a snack & find a new position and you are off to sleep for another hour or two, until you wake up again.

I’ve thought of it this way, my body is just preparing me now for the many times I’ll have to get up with little Zoie-Lynne. With her being hungry or just being held. Why not Start preparing now? At least then you’ll be kinda ready & you’ll have a reason to be up, this adorable new baby.

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