Sinus Infection, Now Coughing

My sinus infection has slowly started going away, now I’m coughing with a sore chest.

The pressure in my head went away & my nose is a little less stuffy. The sneezing, thankfully, has stopped.

Now I just have a very sore & irritated chest and coughing up yellow mucus.

I’ve been drinking more ginger lemon grass tea to help, ginger is good to fight chest infections & the nice warm tea helps sooth my sore chest. Steamy shower, sucking up all those vapors & Zoie-Lynne likes shower time. I think she likes the sound of the shower hitting my tummy. More chicken broth, which Zoie-Lynne & are kinda getting sick of. Today we finally got to eat potatoes, which was amazing. Also, tons and tons of water to keep hydrated.

Sleep has been hard to come by, with all this coughing, sneezing & heartburn. I’ve been going to sleep for a couple hours at night, waking up I drink tea and broth. Then take a nap on the couch & then back up drink more broth or tea & then head back to bed. Then usually I’ve been showering & starting the day. Drinking tons of water, tea & broth. Napping around 5-6ish & then a shower, followed by more liquids & then off to bed.

My hope is to shake this sickness very soon & be back to a somewhat normal sleep schedule before Zoie-Lynne comes.

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