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Simmons Farm Fall Festival

The other week we attended a very fun birthday party at Simmons Farm, we had the chance to experience their Fall Festival!

The birthday party was a great! Pizza, cake, music & friends, Zoie had a great time.

With the birthday party we received wristbands to experience the Simmons Farm Fall Festival! They had a lot of great things to do; the festival started off with a hayride to the very fun area with Zoie’s favorite the 100ft slide!

We are now aware you should really wear rain boots when going to a pumpkin patch. So we trudged through the muddy and wet grass, jumped in muddy puddles and wandered through the corn maze to find ears of corn.

There was a fire truck with a slide, large tractor tires to climb, giant hamster wheels to roll around on & Zoie’s favorite the 100 foot slide! She loved the experience, went down all by herself, I didn’t get a chance to get a photo of her coming down, but believe me a HUGE smile.

We even received a free pumpkin with the wristband. We spent awhile looking through the pumpkin patch for “the roundest, non-dirtiest orangest” pumpkin Zoie could find. It just had to be perfect! Eventually we found the perfect pumpkins.

We rode back on a hayride, and received a free apple! It was a very fun Fall Festival, we enjoyed ourselves. If you’re in that area I’d recommend it, but we are still big fans of the Triple B Fall Festival!

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