Sick Baby

When Zoie-Lynne woke up she had a bloodshot left eye & horrible gas that then turned into diarrhea.

Not only does she have the blood shot eye, gas with diarrhea, last night she started coughing, her nose is getting runnier, she is still having bloody noses & I’ve picked out big red hard blood chunks out of her nose.

I called Dr. Palmieri’s office and they told me to call Primary Children’s Hospital since that’s where she had surgery on Monday.

After being redirected & redirected I was able to speak with someone. The lady said if she’s continuing to breastfeed just keep watching her with the diarrhea & she might be getting a cold. To also call Dr. Park the ENT doctor and Dr. Petersons the eye doctor to see what they say and let them know.

I called both doctors and spoke to their nurses, they said they’d speak to the doctor and call me back. So an update when I get a call back.

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