SHHH It’s a Secret

Everyone always says your last trimester is your worse. Everyone I’ve talked to has said this, but they really don’t say why, just it is.

Then you get there and you realize why. Everyone knows you’re bigger, swollen, emotional & just plain tired. But there is so much, much more.

I always thought the first trimester was complete crap. Everything you smell makes you queazy, you do nothing but sleep, you start getting your awkward pouch & you continually worry about miscarriage. It’s like all you want to do is eat, but you fall asleep while eating or you run to the bathroom.

Second trimester, eh it’s there. You get more energetic & start slowly packing in that tummy. But most of the sickness and queazy stuff is gone. You start feeling your baby kick & it’s adorable.

Then third trimester rolls around & you’re almost done, thank goodness!! You are tired all the time, but no matter what way you lay it’s uncomfortable!! That adorable kicky baby now just kicks, punches and hurts every organ you have. They don’t mean to, but they are running out space and need to move too. With all that moving and head down position every couple minutes is a bathroom break. After awhile laying on your side is uncomfortable & laying down then becomes out of the question with heartburn. So you spend your nights sleeping sitting up, because you feel like a dragon ready to burn the house down every time you breath.

Then you get so round & that belly is just in the way. You can no longer put socks on, tie shoes & you better hope someone’s home if you drop something. Or in my case kick it to the edge of the steps, then walk down and grab it. Then carrying that tummy around, makes you so off balance and even more clumsy. Best option sit down!! If you have to be up, my recommendation a belly belt. It’s like a weight lifting belt, but meant for pregnancy, my god does it help the back.

Oh then things swell: legs, feet, face, fingers, etc. Those shoes you can’t tie, it doesn’t matter you can’t get them on. Then on top of swelling you have the varicose veins, which make you feel like your great grandma. My suggestion, become pregnant in the winter, pants & cardigans to cover up the weirdness.

The oddest & most awkward part, hemorrhoids!! No one tells you about them, but they are very common your last trimester of pregnancy!! Just adding to your misery. There isn’t much you can do either. Best thing soak in a tub of warm water & then dab lemon juice with a cotton ball on it. Helps the swelling & the irritation. So awkward.

Then the worst part, pregnancy brain. You seriously forget everything & then you have an emotional meltdown because you forget everything. I went to do something the other day, completely forgot what I was doing & then cried because I forgot. I still haven’t remembered what I was even to be doing. It has gotten to the point I just take notes of everything thru the day. Who I’ve talked to, what we talked about, things I need to do & why. It’s like a mild version of alzheimer’s.

Then you have all this adorable baby stuff. A bassinet, crib, cute clothes, etc and there is no baby and for some reason you just start crying because you want them & now. You know they’ll come when they are good and ready, but you just have that “I need my baby” feeling every time you see their things.

That’s just the mild things, I’ve heard horror stories of worse pregnancies. So if this is all I have to go thru compared to other women, I think I’ll stick with my issues, that aren’t even that bad. I’ve had a very easy pregnancy & I am so thankful. But I’m not going to lie, I’m dying for the end of January!! I love little Zoie-Lynne and cannot wait to meet her squishy little face.

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