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Rocket Tula

Ever since Zoie has been born I’ve loved baby wearing!  I love having her close & when she’s done running around she really likes being held by mom.   We finally broke down and bought a Tula & I have to say I’m sad I didn’t buy one sooner!

Our original baby carrier we had since Zoie was born has pretty much ran its course!  I had to sow it multiple times & she really didn’t have much room.  It really was made for newborns and babies, not toddlers.  We had a Wrapsody, which I loved for when she wasn’t super active!  It was great for for breastfeeding & making into a sling for her to nap.

I’ve been looking at Tula’s well over a year & multiple friends I know own Tula’s and absolutely love them!  They give Zoie enough room, great support for me, padding everywhere, great patterns and the toddler carrier will stay with her until she’s 50lbs!  They even make extenders for when she gets taller.

The other baby carrier we had we couldn’t put Zoie on my back!  The Tula I can put her on my back and just go!  She absolutely loves it, she’s relaxed and can even just take a nap.  This thing is also a super lifesaver, she never wants to sit in the cart & most of the time she wants to run around the store grabbing everything.  With the Tula I just put her on my back in the store and go shopping and she can look at everything!  Unlike a stroller she’s right with me and I can have a conversation and she can see everything I see at the same level, so it’s helping with her speech which is also nice!

I’d highly recommend the Tula baby & toddler carrier, it’s worth the price.  Also, there are so many accessories made by not only Tula, but personal shops on Etsy!  I want to get Zoie a Rocket Tula Dinosaur Hood!


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