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Are you browsing Amazon, seeing all these fun gadgets & toys, but just don’t want to pay that price?  Don’t worry, you don’t have too, just sign up for Review Kick!That’s right, you can receive fun gadgets & toys for a small price or even FREE!  All for just writing a review!  How you may ask?  Well let me tell you how.

  1. Have an Amazon account, possibly with a couple reviews already
  2. Sign up for a Review Kick account
  3. Search Deals
  4. Click the I Want This! button
  5. Have patients, while sellers review your Amazon profile
  6. If you’re approved they’ll send you a coupon code
  7. Purchase the product, use your coupon code
  8. Once you receive your product use the product for 10 days
  9. Write your review
  10. All Done!

It’s as simple as that! The best part, you can pick what items you’d like to review, depending on category, price and/or discount.

The only downside, sellers can say no to you reviewing their product.  Make sure you have clear & informative reviews, do not use two or three word reviews.

Also, make sure you review items you already purchase on Amazon, even if they are not purchased Review Kicks, the more reviews the more products you’ll be accepted for.

The last thing, you can only have 10 items in your “My Selected Deals”.  Make sure you check back, because sometimes you will not be approved or the item no longer is available.

Happy Reviewing!

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