The whole idea of pumping is just weird, you kind of feel like a dairy cow. Which you kinda are, seeing as how your pumping to feed another living thing.

The first time I pumped was at the hospital, it was weird & nothing came out. The lady said that was fine because you should just try the first couple days just to stimulate. As I kept trying a little milk would come, which meant we could stop supplementing formula & just give her my milk.

It was kind of a pain, because you have to hold these two plastic bottles up to your boobies & you stare at them for 15 minutes. I kept staring at the clock, it was so weird and annoying. But Zoie-Lynne needed to eat, so I just kept doing it.

The lady had told us about these bras that have holes in them, so you can do it hands free. So while Zoie-Lynne was still in the nursery & I was discharged we went & picked one up. Seriously if you are pumping buy one!! It makes life a lot easier. I got a Medela one for $30, but there are some other crazy nifty ones out there. But here’s a link to the one I have, click here.

When we got home I started pumping a lot more. Put the bra on, sit in the chair, either play on my iPhone or Mac. It makes time go by much faster & it’s a lot less awkward.

I pump usually after every feeding during the day. So about 4 times a day, I’m trying to build up a supply for going back to work. I’ve started getting bottles that are about 3oz, which is great.

I also have been following a Breast Feeding Diet. Eating oatmeal boost your milk supply, a food i seriously hate, but I eat a bowl every morning. Tons and tons of water, I read an article on how you will become very thirsty, seriously they aren’t kidding. I carry a bottle of water everywhere, I seem to always need a drink. I’m eating a lot more carbs, which apparently boost your supply. It takes a lot of energy to make milk. Also, I found I can’t go without two hours without even a snack, I get so dizzy & lightheaded. With my body now adding another task to do I have to eat more.

I also read an article last night on how eating junk food while pregnant & breastfeeding can make your child become addicted to junk foods and then become obese later on. Thankfully I don’t eat much junk food & I’m on a clean eating diet already, so as long as I stick to that Zoie-Lynne, fingers crossed, will not have a weight problem when she’s older. Read The Article.

Oh and another thing, if you have a feeding & pump schedule stick to it. Don’t stray away from it!! Yesterday I only pumped 2 times & at 3am James had feed her with a bottle only. (We have to feed for 20 minutes and do an ounce after, to make her gain weight). Well I woke up this morning with boobies full of milk, they were hard and very sore. So I’d recommend not getting off your plan!!

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