Postpartum Anxiety

Today while reading my Baby America magazine I came a crossed an article about Postpartum Anxiety.

I have heard of postpartum depression & have done my research on it, made a list of the warning signs, just to be prepared. But I had never heard of postpartum anxiety.

Every parent has anxiety, before and after birth. Will be a be a good enough parent, am I doing everything right, what if she gets sick, etc. But postpartum anxiety takes it a couple steps further.

You worry about every tiny detail in your babies life. You wash their sheets everyday because of germs, you stay up all night and watch them, you think everyone has germs & will drop your baby. You become so obsessed with everything that you can’t enjoy time with your new baby. Along with that you aren’t sleeping because you are up with your newborn or you are having anxiety that you need to check on your baby.

It has been shown that more women have postpartum anxiety then postpartum depression, but it goes untreated. Women who have suffered anxiety problems or OCD are more likely to end up having postpartum anxiety. So if you’ve had either before you are to bring it up with your OBGYN on your next visit. The article talked about meditation & psychological help, then if things don’t get better medication.

This will definitely be something we bring up with our next visit to Dr. Tanner. Before I was pregnant I was on medication to help with my anxiety attacks and OCD, once I found out I was pregnant I stopped taking all medication, just in case.

I have super organizational issues, which may not seem to make sense to others, but they do to me. My closet is sorted by short sleeves & long sleeves, each of those are broken down by the gradient color spectrum. It makes my life easier when I get dressed, but it’s kinda obsessive. If clothes are just throw in I’ll sit and think about it, I’ll start biting my lip to the point I’ll make it start bleeding. Also, everyone else’s closet has to be this way or I’ll think about it. So James cannot put his own laundry away!! Zoie-Lynne closet is broken down too, but a little more complex. Hers goes by size, then short or long sleeve & then color. We also all have only white plastic hangers. We don’t have colored hangers, fancy hangers or the ones given to you with clothes. They have to all match & go the same way in the closet. If not I start going into a downward spiral, I start hyperventilating, crying, it’s just not a good Time.

When I was small we’d go into stores and I’d pull things to the front of the shelf so it was all pretty, if anything was going the wrong way I’d adjust it. When we would go out to get coffee or go to a restaurant I’d have to take all the sugars packets out & make them face the same way. I’d take all the jelly packets out & put them back all with their specific jellies and the same way. My parents & grandparents got annoyed, but eventually just left it go. As I got older it got worse, I was sick a lot so I was convinced everyone had germs and was going to get me sick, so I carried HandSanitizer around & kept disinfectant spray in my locker. I’d rearrange our fridge so everything was facing outward & went from large to small front to back. Categorizing movies alphabetical, rearranging cabinets.

Eventually it was just to much & I was put one medication, which helped a bit. But I still have some things that just haven’t gone away. Since I’ve been pregnant some anxieties and OCD problems have came back, along with a lot more about being a new parent. More then likely I’ll have to go on a different medication, that will be okay to take while nursing. & more then likely as Zoie-Lynne gets older we will have to watch for signs of anxiety or OCD.

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