Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

With the cold weather and sickness going around, one of them is Pertussis aka Whooping Cough. Many people in Utah are getting Pertussis & with being pregnant there is always that chance you can come across someone who has it.

I was exposed to someone with Pertussis and with being pregnant you have to be cautious with everything. Wednesday afternoon I called Dr. Tanners office and let them know that I was exposed and asked what to do. They asked me if I had my vaccine and luckily last year I had my vaccine, my family doctor has always stayed up to date and always had me get vaccinated. They had also asked me if I was showing any signs, which just so happen I was starting to get over a sinus infection. The signs of Pertussis is just like a cold, click here for signs

The next thing was to give me antibiotics, because Pertussis can live in your system before you even start showing signs. The antibiotics they subscribe patients with Pertussis is Z-Pack, which just so happens I am allergic to. I start to swell, my skin starts to obtain massive hives and it gets very hard for me to breath. This ends in a trip to the ER with lots of medications and usually a couple days sleeping. Not fun, so they decided to research what to do next.

A little time went along and they called me back, telling me that there were two options. Option A, they could give me a medication called Bactrim. This medication is not give to women so close to the end of pregnancy, it causes jaundice in babies. I really REALLY did not want to take the chance. Then option B, go to the closes Instacare and get tested. So we went with option B.

We went to Instacare and they did a full check up of me. My lungs sounded fine, my right ear was a little swollen & my blood pressure was a little high, but not crazy. Other then that everything was fine. Then the doctor had me lay back on the bed and he put a Q-Tip down my nose, about 4 inches long. They told me that they would have results within 48 hours and that they would call me. SO worry wart me has been sitting here worrying and worrying what could happen.

Today I turned my phone back on real quick to check and see if they had called. They did & I gave them a phone call back, my test results were NEGATIVE !! So that made my day 100% better. I am so happy that I had my vaccine last year, for anyone who has not received their shot I would recommend going and getting it. Especially if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant within the next year.

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