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Personalized Family Tree Ornaments

This coming up Christmas will be Zoie’s 3rd Christmas, that means our 3rd Christmas as a family.  I wanted to celebrate by getting us a personalized family tree ornaments.

Just like the great personalized book stamp by Pick Your Plum we find a fun personalized family tree ornament!

This personalized family tree ornament is great for our family!  A family of 3 dear, our names & the current year! We’re always looking for fun personalized family items, we always run into the problem the families are always families of 4 or more.  But, Pick Your Plum came through again to deliver a great piece.

The ornaments isn’t too heavy, so it will weigh the tree down.  There is a hole to add your own color ribbon, and the perfect size to thread.  Also, there is a nice gloss over the the front, so when the Christmas tree light shines on the ornament it will shine nicely.

If you’re looking for a personalized family tree ornament for your family I’d recommend this ornament by Pick Your Plum.

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