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Personalized Book Stamp

Zoie has so many books!  We love growing her library, but sometimes when Zoie takes her books away from home they get lost.  I came across this great personalized book stamp by Pick Your Plum!

Zoie has a vast library full of all types of books! We buy books from her scholastic book sales at school, library book sales, amazon deals & Barnes & Noble clearance rack.  We’re love story time in our house; bedtime or anytime throughout the day.

She loves taking her books with her on car rides to look at pictures & tell her own stories.  Road trips she loves taking her books or when we are going to be out for awhile.  Zoie also has random book days at school; bring your favorite book, theme book day or even holiday book days.

We’ve lost a couple books along the way.  James nor I have the best handwriting, so writing name in there isn’t the best option.  So when I was browsing Amazon I came across the personalized book stamp by Pick Your Plum. It was the answer to our issue, this way if the book is found they can google the name & can find our email!

This rubber stamp is super easy to use & it’s self inking.  The inking plate is easy to remove & re-ink when running low.  The ink pad comes pre-inked with a lot of black ink.

In the end I’d definitely recommend this stamp to any parent with a kid who loves books!

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