Pediatrician Visit

We went to visit pediatrician Lisa Palmieri Friday afternoon to see if she would be a great fit to be Zoie-Lynne’s pediatrician.

The visit went very well!!   It’s the busy season for sick children so she was a little behind schedule.  Which I’m completely fine with because that means that she takes time with her patients and makes sure they are okay.  She was very friendly and easy to talk to, something I really wanted to have in a pediatrician.  We had a lot of questions to ask her (you can see below) and she was more then happy to answer every single one of them.  We feel like she is the best fit for little Zoie-Lynne.

She did say that if we did decided to choose her that she would do Zoie-Lynne’s checkup at the hospital and would see her two days after she is discharged.  I would also be going to see their lactation specialist to better understand and get help with breastfeeding.

I feel like Zoie-Lynne will be in great hands with this pediatrician & I am so happy that Dr. Tanner had recommended her.  For more information on her please click here.

Our list of questions, the questions are in bold.

Are you board certified?

Are you a pediatric generalist, or do you have a subspecialty?
Work with both kids who are healthy and children who have handicaps and other health issues

Who do I call after hours?
After hours at Kidscare, walk-ins, apts are preferred, call. 24 coverage, doctors take turn being on call, routine coverage at the Alta View Hospital

Do you accept calls for routine and non-emergency questions? If I leave a message, how long does it usually take you to return the call?
Doctor on call 24/7, they rotate out

Do you have an email for questions? If so how long does it take to answer?
Online health portal, you can access your child’s chart and ask questions.

What if you are unavailable? Will we see another doctor in the practice?
Will see other doctors in the practice

Will you always handle visits or will we have a nurse practitioner?
If out we would see another doctor on staff, there are no nurse practitioners

Do you offer early, late, and weekend appointments?
There are Saturday morning appointments, open 9-5 during the week

Do you come to the hospital for newborn assessment?
Yes, if off her partner will come see Zoie-Lynne

If we have questions during regular office hours, does your office have an advice nurse or do you like to speak with parents directly?
Talk to nurse & are well trained

How easy is it to arrange same-day appointments for sick children?
They keep open opens for sick & injured children

If in the hospital will you be available for a consultation/visit?
Yes & will be able to visit if at Alta View

Thoughts on antibiotics & immunizations? Do you believe in natural medications?
Must be sick up to 7 days to prescribe anything, unless severe.  Also, big advocate of immunizations, if we choose not to she will tell us why we should get immunizations

What tests are handled in the office, and what is done elsewhere? Where?
Immunizations are walkin & first come first serve


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