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Paying For Kids Clothes

Kids clothes are extremely expensive; I’m not really willing to front a bunch of money for clothing Zoie’s just going to grow out of or destroy.  So we clearance shop all year round!

There will be some things I splurge on, but I just cannot bring myself to buy Zoie expensive clothes.  She has a lot of name brand clothes, but it’s because I bought them off season with coupons!

For Zoie, she is SUPER rough on her clothes, she plays hard.  Most of the time by the end of her clothing cycle they have holes in them, are ripped or have some kind of stain we just can’t get out.

We have a nice price chart set out, we can’t spend anymore than that on clothing:

  • $5 – Shirts
  • $8 – Jeans
  • $3 – TuTus
  • $10 – Dresses
  • $20 – Shoes
  • $5 – Pack of Socks
  • $8 – Pack of Undergarments
  • $15 – Hoodie/Jacket

Like I said, sometimes we will splurge, like we paid for her Kylo-Ren hoodie, but we had a 20% off coupon.

It’s a lot of waiting and going through sale racks, rummaging through sale bins at stores to get the good deals.

Even at Target, we wait for cartwheel, we save coupons & use our 5% off.

Amazon is our favorite!  Zoie has a pair of nice Ralph Lauren Polo shoes, $15!  I have a system down, every night real quick I go through the clothing section and narrow it down.

Toy, Clothing & Baby >> For Girls >> Clothing >>  Little Girls (2-6x)  >> 3T >> Prime Only >> Price 0 to $5

I’ll even do it for boys, their jeans & hoodies are usually a little better. Sometimes I’ll find amazing deals, like 2 Ralph Lauren Polo dresses, $2 each!  50¢ pack of socks or $15 DC shoes!  The only thing you have to watch is one day on Amazon something can be $1, the next $17!  What I do sometimes I place stuff on a saved list, to wait for it to go down in price.

The best part, always shopping off season.  We’re always end of the season shoppers, Old Navy is the best place, tank tops for 25¢, Tutu’s for 75¢, shirts for $1 and the list could go on!

In the end, Zoie has lots of nice clothes, well when they start out!  A lot we end up donating or selling at consignment sales, but it’s nice not to pay too much for clothes.


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