Out of Surgery & Doing Good

The surgery went well.

I have a tube sticking out of my back & it has a bag attached. My urine drains in the bag & I have to take it off and dump it out. Kinda nasty, but really cool, kinda.

My kidney stopped hurting & I’m no longer in pain. The local anesthetic is wearing off and it doesn’t really hurt. It just mostly uncomfortable, like someone keeps poking me.

They gave me food, since I haven’t eaten since 10pm last night. Which one of those things were OREO COOKIES!!

I can’t soak in the bathtub. When I shower I have to put Glad Press & Seal over it & no direct water on it. I come back in two weeks for them to check on it & change the tube.

I am super thankful that all I have is a tube hanging out of my bag & nothing else.

I will be heading over to labor & delivery for Zoie-Lynne to be monitored. Then home for sleep!!

My awesome tube!!

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