Nursing Cover Score

Tonight we went to target to get some exercise in & I like to window shop also.

With the holiday season over they had a bunch of stuff on sale, but eh. We came across the baby section & there was so much stuff on sale. Clothes for $1, pacifiers for 50¢, just crazy deals. There really isn’t anything Zoie-Lynne needs, so we didn’t get anything.

I had a coupon for 20% off any nursing item, other then a breast pump. The only thing I’ve needed was a nursing cover. I’ve been pricing them, anywhere from $25-$100, so it was getting to the point I was just going to find a thing nice blanket. We went down the nursing isle & I seen one nursing cover & it was on sale!! Regularly $30.99, on sale for $15 something. I didn’t think that I could even use my coupon, since the item was on sale, but they let me!! I ended up getting the nursing cover for $12.39!! Over $18 in savings, I feel like that’s a super score!!

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  1. Nana K. says:

    That’s what we’re talking about!!!

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